A family vibe in a safe and fun space

DNPA has a family vibe and is a safe and fun environment for young people to build up their confidence in Dance, Drama and Singing whilst making new friends.

Through these art forms and weekly training sessions they also gain skills in musicality, teamwork and public speaking, as well as build their overall confidence. We aim to give the children an opportunity to perform in a professional theatre venue annually.

“Having put my children into other classes, this one HAS kept their attention. My daughter always wants to go! If you have kids, you’ll know what that means. DNPA is doing it RIGHT!”


“It’s lovely to see how my 9 years old has taken to this. Her commitment! She truly enjoys it. It’s so fantastic to see this group of young creatives and their teachers, coming together and working so hard to achieve that one goal of telling that one story. Bringing that bit of magic to this world that we all so desperately need. That is beautiful!”


“They take the children out of their comfort zone and get them to achieve things they would never think possible! I’ve seen children over the years totally transform in confidence and ability!”