“My 10 year old daughter has been a part of the DNPA family since she was 5! It’s been amazing to see her develop her love for music, dance and drama through these classes. Her confidence has grown and she has developed an understanding of commitment and working towards a common goal along with the amazing young people attending each week. Derya and the team have nurtured and developed my daughters ability to believe in herself, work hard, learn new things and have fun!”


Musical Theatre

  • TeachersDerya Donaldson & Milenka Marosh
  • DayMonday
  • Hours16:00 – 17:00   (Ages 7-10)
    17:00 – 18:00   (Ages 11+)
  • Cost£7.00   (10% sibling discount)

“The world is a stage, the stage is a world of entertainment…” – Howard Dietz

Ages 7-10

This class is so much fun they don’t even realise they’re learning. Building confidence, technique and creativity through games that target different aspects of performance, from improvisation and script work to learning choreography.

Children are split into three groups to work on either acting, singing or dancing and come back together towards the end of the class to show their work if they choose to. Ensuring that each child gets the attention they need and making performing in front of their peers, second nature.

Ages 11+

Seniors work in a relaxed environment and focus on the technical aspect of performance. Delving deeply into character development, script work and musical numbers, our students work towards an in-house Christmas showcase and a yearly summer performance with the juniors.

*Seniors join with the Junior class when we begin rehearsals for the summer show*

Commercial Street Dance

  • TeacherDerya Donaldson
  • DayMonday
  • Hours18:00 – 18:55   (Ages 10+)
  • Cost£7.00   (10% sibling discount)

Commercial dance is a full energy class, starting with a full body workout to strengthen and tone. Our routines are adapted from music videos focusing on technique and style with a little sass and a lot of laughter. Get ready to sweat!

“I love coming to DNPA because it’s a really fun and very sweaty experience! Derya really pushes you, and I have seen great improvement in my dancing. It is also a very social and positive environment and everyone is so nice. I would highly recommend it!”

14 years old
Commercial Dance

Street Dance

  • TeacherNatasha Khamjani
  • DayFriday
  • Hours16:00 – 16:30   (Ages 4-5)
    16:30 – 17:15   (Ages 6-8)
    17:15 – 18:15   (Ages 9+)
  • Cost£5.00   (Ages 4-5)
    £7.00   (Ages 6+)

    10% sibling discount

Street Dance classes are fun, energetic, creative and progressive. Dance improves the motor skills and is great for children who are visual learners. It improves musicality, helps with teamwork skills and working independently. It also releases the same endorphins as when you eat chocolate!! We work on grooves and foundation steps to strengthen the style and performance skills to build confidence for the stage and everyday life!

Ages 4-8

Juniors learn through games and creative tasks. The sessions are fun at the same time as being cleverly structured to get the street dance style and technique embedded at this level so that the children are improving their skills and progressing each week!

Ages 9+

The senior classes are fun, creative, high impact and challenging at the same time as being a safe space to try new moves and make new friends. We work on grooves, foundation steps as well as flexibility and strength. We incorporate creative work into each week so that the young dancers get good at sharing ideas and then teaching them to each other. We always end with a freestyle circle where they can select their favourite tracks and show us what they’ve got if they want to!

Adult Dance 18+

  • TeachersDerya Donaldson & Natasha Khamjani
  • DayWednesday
  • Hours19:00 – 20:00
  • Cost£7.00

If you like to GROOVE then come and MOVE! Classes are aimed at all levels – men too, you are all welcome! No judgement – just good vibes. Music & style of dance will range from 20’s Charleston, 90’s R&B to Musical Theatre classics! We’ll also be taking requests from YOU! Pure FUN, a great WORKOUT and real PROGRESS in dance!

Adult Dance 55+

  • TeachersDerya Donaldson & Natasha Khamjani
  • DayWednesday
  • Hours14:00 – 15:00 (on Zoom)
  • Cost£5.50

This social class is fun, gentle but as challenging as you want to make it! We do a warm up, work on core stability, stretching and learn an easy to follow routine using music through decades!

“I like coming to DNPA as I’ve made lots of new friends and I like learning loads of new dance moves!”

5 years old
Junior Street Dance

“My two girls do Street Dance at DNPA. They really enjoy the classes and they’re always so excited about the show at the end of the year! The classes have helped to build their confidence, and develop their rhythm and musicality. It’s a joy to watch them progress and flourish in the classes.”


“If you have a little one who loves to dance, I can’t recommend this class enough!”


If you are joining later in the term please contact us for booking and payment details.