Filmed scenes

We incorporate filmed scenes into our summer performances. This gives students the experience of being in front of the camera, through this they learn integrated film and live performance techniques from a young age.


“I really enjoy coming to DNPA because it gives me a chance to do something different with singing and dancing, and it has made me look at performing in a different perspective. It has really helped to build my confidence.”

12 years old
Senior Musical Theatre & Commercial Dance

“I love coming to DNPA as we always have so much fun experimenting with musical theatre acting. Everyone is always involved and included. The school lets me embrace acting on many levels, and during the dancing I get to wear myself out!”

14 years old
Senior Musical Theatre & Commercial Dance

“I like coming to DNPA because I like to perform on stage and I like spending time with my friends. Learning routines had been challenging but I am improving each week!”

11 years old
Senior Street Dance