“My daughter has been doing classes at DNPA since she was 4 years old, she loves the dance and drama classes and has got so much more confidence in everyday life. Seeing her perform in the summer show as a Mini Troll was fabulous and made me realise how fantastic the whole school is!”


“DNPA has helped me with my stage fright and has made me more confident when I perform.”


“My 11 year old daughter loves the dance and drama classes and loves feeling like she is part of a theatre community…She takes her role very seriously in the performances and the teachers are brilliant at instilling a professional work ethic through a creative process.”


Christmas Showcase

This is an in house event, where parents get to come along and watch their child’s progress in a showing of monologues or short plays, commercial dance and street dance pieces, and group or solo singing.


“I love DNPA. It’s so much fun. I have been here for four years now. The shows are amazing to be in. Derya, Milli, and Indeyarna are amazing teachers, they are so much fun to work with. I have made some friends here and have learned a lot. The people are really nice.”

– Junior Musical Theatre and Commercial Dance, 11 years old

Summer Show

Our summer shows take place yearly with rehearsals beginning in January and the show in July. This is held in a professional theatre venue and children of all ages are welcome to audition for suitable roles (this is done in a very encouraging atmosphere with minimal pressure). It is a production split into two Acts, Act One is a musical in full makeup and costume, combining film, musical theatre and street dance into one. Act Two is a showcase of commercial dance and street dance pieces.

By giving all of our students the chance to perform on a big stage, they gain experience in technical runs, dress rehearsals, backstage etiquette, microphone technique and much more.

Students generally love this part of DNPA, our summer shows are so much fun. This is where we come together as a company to put on the best performance in town.


We incorporate filmed scenes into our summer performances. This gives students the experience of being in front of the camera, through this they learn integrated film and live performance techniques from a young age.


“Filming days are the best ever! We have so much fun on location and learn lot’s of new things.”

– Junior, 10 years old

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“Vivienne loves to sing and dance, so street dance is a perfect Friday night activity. She loves the music and learning new moves, and is really looking forward to the summer show!”


“My children have been going to DNPA for the past 4 years. The teachers are dedicated and inspiring, and my kids have made loads of friends and really gained confidence and skills. The shows are always great fun and you can see how much the children are enjoying themselves.”


“I like coming to DNPA because I get to spend more time with my friends and we get to learn new routines together and perform at the end of the year at a big theatre!”

10 years old
Senior Street Dance